Jewish Heritage Project Navigator


The Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project preserves the history of Jews in Southern Nevada through collection and digitization of oral histories, family and organization records, and photographic documentation. The Jewish Heritage Project Navigator is a browser tool to explore data generated from the Jewish Heritage Project. This development is part of an initiative, which is being conducted by the UNLV Libraries Digital Collections Department. This initiative, UNLV Linked Data Project, explores the use of linked data to reveal hidden relationships across data. It also aims to integrate data from our collections to data sets produced by other organizations.

In order to work with linked data, metadata from our digital collections are being transformed into linked data. Linked data are expressed in triples that have the following structure: subject – predicate – object.

Navigator Structure

The Figure below shows the structure of the Navigator panes. You do not need to know details of this structure as a user - you can start using the navigator right away. However, if you are interested to "see" the linked data triples, look at the light yellow arrows. The direction of the arrows indicate how the triples should be read, in other words, the thing on the left pane is the subject of the triples whose predicates and objects are expressed on the tiles of the right upper pane. The tiles on the lower right pane indicate subjects and predicates of triples in which the left pane (This thing) become the object of these triples.

Figure 1: Diagram of the Navigator Panes

When you click in any of the tiles on the right panes, the content of the title becomes the focus of interest and it moves to the left pane. The right panes are then refreshed with data related to the left pane thing.

As in any browser task, you need to choose your starting point. The Navigator, every time it starts, it randomly populates the left pane and relationships on the right panes. You might want to start with different data. In the top right of the Navigator screen, you can make your choice by selecting your browser starting point. For example, if you select People, the system will show to you a set of people from the Jewish community for whom we have data. If you select one a particular person, his or her data will be shown on the left pane (This thing) and the related data on the right panes.

Note that the type of the relationship (e.g., Friend of, Parent of, Employed by, etc.) at the upper right pane is displayed on top of each tile. In the lower right pane, the relationship is displayed in the bottom of the tile.

We would like to acknowledge our partners in UNLV Special Collections, including the UNLV Oral History Research Center as well as the UNLV Libraries Library Technologies Division staff who helped with implementation. The JHP Navigator development team is listed below.

Navigator Project Team

Alex Dolski -- LOD consultant on project, developer and implementer

Silvia Southwick (Metadata Librarian) -- responsible for metadata transformation and linked data management

Cory Lampert -- (Head, Digital Collections Department) - PI on JHP grant project and facilitated Navigator project.

Meghan Gross -- (Digital Collections Specialist) - Digital Collections project lead on JHP grant, responsible for data normalization.

Barbara Tabach -- (Oral History Research Center) - Oral History Research Center project manager on JHP grant.


Silvia Southwick

Cory Lampert